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June 2, 2008

The newest version of Musiql is packaged with Python's distutils, allowing for an easy-to-use installation script. It also now supports importing WMA files. Other changes are mostly minor bug fixes. For more details, see the changelog and release notes.

Musiql is available for download here.

May 19, 2008

There is a new version of Musiql. Unlike the previous versions, it has a fairly complete set of features, making it a viable command-line music library management tool.

With this release, Musiql can import most common types of audio files with the help of Mutagen, store their metadata in its database, and retrieve them using SQL queries and pass them on to MPlayer. It also has support for static and dynamic playlists, and it will keep track of rating and playcount information for each song. If you have lasfmsubmitd installed, it can submit information about the tracks you play to Last.FM.

Get the release here.